Our Consulting Services

Aegis Consulting and Solutions Group, LLC has developed a proven approach to provide an accurate assessment of the current state of your organization’s specific Human Resource functions and capabilities so that you can move confidently forward with staff development, improved management techniques, regulatory attention, corporate policies, or benefits administration.

Depending on your company’s size, staffing levels, and current challenges, Aegis Consulting can augment your resources with precisely the skills and experience you need to meet specific needs and to refresh your support to your employees.


  • Program Review
  • Special Topics
  • Needs Assessment
  • Linkages with Other Critical Functions

HR Staff Management

  • Functional Focus
  • Scheduling
  • Supervision
  • Training

Policy Development

  • Contemporary Legal Issues
  • Policy Currency
  • Communication
  • Education

Employee Relations

  • Performance Reviews – Tools & Process
  • Exit Interviews
  • Satisfaction Surveys
  • Employee Communications
  • Retention Initiatives


  • Review of Regulations and Regulatory Agencies
  • Review of Emerging Compliance Issues
  • Develop Compliance Plans
  • Monitor Compliance (OSHA, Workers Comp, ADA, and DOL)


  • Skills Inventories
  • Skill Gaps
  • Employer Visibility in the Marketplace
  • Partnerships/Alliances
  • Recruitment Channels
  • Recruitment Process

Rewards & Recognition

  • Review Current Programs
  • Incentives Strategy
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys
  • Program Roll-out

HR Information Systems

  • Review Implementation and Operation
  • Report Analysis
  • Related Information Tools

Benefits Administration

  • Benefits Program Review
  • Needs Assessment
  • Benefits Program Development and Negotiation


Special Projects

Oftentimes, our clients are simply looking for assistance in a particular Human Resources area in order to meet a deadline, demonstrate compliance, or mitigate conflict. In such cases, a limited, short-term engagement arrangement works well to meet such unique needs. In other cases, our consultants can be available as retained experts available on demand. Whatever your needs, Aegis Consulting and Solutions Group, LLC becomes your Human Resources partner and a valuable extension of your organization.